Ladies, Gentlemen, you are very welcome!

My name is Giuseppe and it's a pleasure for me to welcome you on this website which includes the pictures I have been  shooting during my travels. I was born in Salento, the most easterly part in Italy, a land of bewitching beauty and blessed by light, color and extraordinary atmosphere.

I then moved to live to Parma to study at university, another area in Italy where the quality of life is very high. Gallipoli as home and adopted by Emilia-Romagna, moving constantly between the two locations and spending in these places  longer or shorter periods depending on my personal needs I'm lucky to be able to enjoy two completely different lifestyles, both offering possibilities for an active and full of interests life, with enough time as well for relaxation and reflection.

I began to travel very young and in more than twenty years of travels and wanderings I managed to visit all the areas of the planet. I haven't been to all the countries of the world but I have seen many of the beauties of the five continents, even the most far away and remote. Travelling with friends, solo adventures, collaboration with the Red Cross, my vocation to nomadism... these factors, all together, have driven me from the Alps to the Himalayas, from North Cape to the ice shelves of Antarctica. I have been greeted in the most remote villages of the Pacific, I have met the Taliban (the most moderate...), I have seen (seen, not climbed…) all the highest peaks on planet earth, and I have been diving in locations which are valued as the most extraordinary diving spots in the world. I have been cheated by taxi drivers, sometimes I did not want to know what I was offered in the pot, I have experienced the frustration that leads to the temptation not to travel anymore and the ecstasy of ever invent a new destination; I acquired new friends, met unwelcome persons, I have been speechless in front of the most important archaeological sites in the world and spotted animal species that usually can only be seen  in documentaries. I fell asleep in the silence -and in the cold- of the desert and woke up to the noise of the howling monkeys.

And I decided to write about many of these my extraordinary experiences. Through images.
"Photography" means "writing with light". And myself, using the sunrise and sunset light (but also the midday sun and the darkness of night) around the world  am here to introduce you to a wide selection of my shots to tell you about my meetings, my emotions, my adventures. While presenting my shots I have chosen an exposition that is independent from the various geographical locations. I do not count the countries visited but I remember the experiences.

My photos tell about people,  glaciers,  monuments,  creatures regardless of the specific place where they are located. So get ready for an exhibition that will travel between faces, cities, animals and places thousands of kilometers far away from each other and totally different for matters of climate, culture, religion, characteristics.

The picture you are about to see have bene taken since the dawn of digital photography, a time when the new technology was obviously serving  the lack of previous experience. The features of the  first digital cameras were poor sensors, mediocre resolution, limited shooting options. A tool like that in the hands of an unexperienced photographer who always shoots in AUTO mode and without any knowledge of the most basic techniques of photography couldn’t generate memorable shots... But then time goes on,  the photographer acquires more experience and he can afford a better equipment, and so things, luckily,  change. What I mean is that the pictures I have taken many years ago are less defined, inaccurate, the result of improvisation and instinct more than a study of light and image composition. However, I also wanted to include in my photo selection the shots I took at the beginning of my photographic career, witnesses themselves as  all the others of my evolution as a photographer and of my achievements  as a traveler.
I wish you a good vision.